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Workplace mediation is an increasingly popular dispute resolution method to resolve interpersonal employee conflicts including Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination complaints, communication issues and work practices. As the work environment is made up of individuals with varying ideas, principles, personalities, cultures and interests, it is inevitable that members of staff will be involved in disagreements which may affect work and working relationships.

Mediation will not suit all situations but can be used effectively in some cases.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way of resolving conflicts or disputes in which the people involved seek to find their own mutually agreed solutions with the help of the impartial mediator. The process is totally voluntary and confidential. Mediators are impartial; They won’t take sides, make judgements or blame. They use their skills and experience to ensure that the process is fair.


Mediation focuses on improving understanding and facilitating communication between people in conflict. It can help those involved gain a better appreciation of the issues, resulting in improved relationships between them. Mediation is a constructive approach which produces practical, workable and realistic solutions.


  • Avoids legal action
  • Cost effective
  • quick
  • Improved working relationships

Our trained mediators can help early dispute resolution.

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