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Independent Investigations

External Investigations

Sometimes organisations need to outsource investigations to an independent investigator. Outsourcing decisions are often made due to complexity or resource capacity.

It is vital, under the organisations duty of care, that investigations are conducted swiftly, thoroughly and reach appropriate findings based on evidence collected.   

Our highly trained investigators are experts on the legal aspects of Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination. They will make themselves familiar with the organisation’s structure, policies, practices and management procedures prior to the commencement of any investigation.

Our investigators are highly experienced in both handling general employee complaints and grievances, as well as dealing with the emotional aspects of an investigation. Using our Investigation team assures of a robust, timely investigation which gets to the truth of what has happened.

For further information, call us on 0333 939 0177 or send an email using the Contact Form on the Contact Us page.

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