Our Approach

In order to obtain Respect at Work, 5 pillars of action are required. These are: 

  • Creating a CULTURE which supports positive workplace behaviour. Being prepared to examine honestly and openly what the organisation is doing well culturally and where there is work to do.
  • Developing respectful LEADERSHIP Teams who role model behaviour and put Respect at Work at the heart of their strategic agenda.
  • Developing MANAGEMENT to manage workplace behaviour, rewarding positive behaviour and feeling confident to act quickly to address behaviours which fall short.
  • Educating its PEOPLE to understand what is and is not appropriate behaviour at work and giving them the tools and confidence to have early conversations to stop unwelcome behaviour.
  • Ensuring SUPPORT systems are in place to encourage a ‘speak out’ culture so concerns are addressed early, and resolutions achieved quickly. Support systems include having an effective policy, trained Investigators, Mediators, and Harassment Advisers. It also means having systems in place to ‘move’ individuals on from incidents.  

Bullying and Harassment is too costly to ignore

All our interventions link to one of these 5 pillars. Entry points may vary but managing workplace behaviour will usually require that all strands are reviewed to ensure the organisation is ready to deal with these behaviours should they arise.

All individuals within organisations need to understand their roles in discharging duty of care.

Our approach is to work in partnership with organisations, where necessary tailoring solutions to their specific organisational requirements.

We can:

  • Diagnose your organisational culture – taking a proactive approach to assess risks to the organisation from inappropriate behaviour and recommend prevention strategies.
  • Get beneath headline data from staff surveys to define in detail the issues being reported around inappropriate workplace behaviour.
  • Develop Leadership and Management Teams to recognise and proactively deal with workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.
  • Develop confidence at all levels in the organisation to really tackle these behaviours.
  • Help organisations deal with specific issues.
  • Provide training, development and advice on creating robust systems to achieve a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to inappropriate workplace behaviour. 

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