Examine Management Behaviour – 360 online tool

Accept difference. Be different.

Unlocking perceptions of behaviour is the key to addressing differences in the workplace.  Often tensions can arise because individuals don’t share how they are feeling about the behaviour of another party. Telling someone how you feel about their behaviour can be hard. This 360 questionnaire can open up dialogue between individuals and between teams. By using this 360 questionnaire in a structured, constructive and careful way, differences can be aired and resolved. Feedback isn’t always about doing things differently, it can be about requesting behaviours to continue.

The 360 questionnaire gives an opportunity for individuals to feedback on how they perceive the behaviour of others, not in a subjective way, but in a way which highlights specific behaviours they have observed or experienced. This makes the dialogue much easier, because there is something tangible and specific to frame it. The feedback can then be used to develop working relationships by allowing identification of behaviours which should be continued because they are valued and which behaviours should stop because they are causing offence.

Used with our workshops 360 feedback questionnaires can really make a difference encouraging individuals to accept difference and be different.

We have a dedicated 360-degree feedback tool which focuses on aspects of managerial behaviour which either supports or contradict the principles or respect at work.

Managers can work with tangible information around behavioural indicators which are perceived to be either strengths or areas for development. This can either be used independently or with our facilitators as part on individual or group managerial coaching.

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