Board & Executive Team Members Awareness Training

Any organisation looking to take a strong stance on Workplace Bullying and Harassment needs to have commitment from the top team.  Without that commitment and understanding there may be a perception that the organisation is not really serious about making a difference in how they approach Workplace Bullying and Harassment.  If you are raising awareness for middle managers and employees but not those at the very top of your organisation, it can be difficult to explain why this is and it may be perceived unfavourably.  Also, the top team need to be aware of how their own behaviour may be perceived and seniority does not always mean that they will always demonstrate the right behaviours.  This 0.5 day seminar is pitched at a suitable level for Board and Executive Team Members.  The following suggested outline can be adapted based on your specific needs.

  • blueWorkplace Bullying and Harassment what it is and is not.
  • Why focus on this aspect of work is so important – looking at risks to the organisation and how these can be managed.
  • The role of the Board and Executive Team.
  • Impacts on the individual and why Workplace Bullying and Harassment is bad for business.
  • How to eradicate / manage inappropriate behaviour in your organisation.

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