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Policy and Procedure

The most effective way of dealing with Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination at work is to have an agreed policy, which sets out clearly what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. It will also set out the sanctions that will be invoked if people go beyond the bounds of that acceptable behaviour.

Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination policies and procedures are extensions of an organisation’s Equal Opportunities, Diversity, or Dignity at Work policies. They also link into grievance and disciplinary procedures. However, the normal grievance procedure will not always be sufficient. A ‘best practice’ control system should, we believe, be developed for improving the work environment and combating Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination within the organisation as it will give employees clear guidelines on the type of behaviour you expect.

Andrea Adams Consultancy provides advice and development on guiding principles, policies, and. If required, we will assist with policy implementation through communication, training and monitoring processes, measurement, evaluation, and review.

Our consultancy team encourages corporate clients to allow established best practice to influence their future direction and provide advice on how to embed and introduce the policy.

For clients purchasing other services we typically offer optional review of current policy and procedures free of charge.

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