Bullying and Harassment Diagnostic

What is Really Happening?                                                                                                    

Staff surveys or other data may give some indications that there are issues with Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination. Perhaps there is underlying tension, something you can’t quite put your finger on? Grievance levels are low, but you know things are not right.

Often these high-level indicators are insufficient to establish if there are actual or perceived problems, nor give enough information to inform rectifying actions. Our diagnostic intervention(s) help to get to the root cause of the issues with individuals feeling ‘safe’ to speak out to independent specialists who guarantee confidentiality and promise not to disclose identities through either name or incident.

Typically, our diagnostic tools include:

Diagnostic online survey

This takes a much more in depth look at what is actually happening over a discreet reference period. The data collected is analysed and reported back, with recommendations, to the organisation

Diagnostic focus groups

Focus groups can be a good way of ‘taking the temperature’ of feelings within the organisations. Working with you we can define questions, sample groups, etc, which will draw out the information you need and our facilitators are very experienced in ensuring that data is:

  1. Effectively captured;
  2. Accurately represented; and
  3. Analysed and reported.

Diagnostic one to ones

We also can offer one-to-one sessions with individuals again assuring confidentiality and anonymity. There can be either be via telephone or face to face.  


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