The April 2015 report on workplace conflict finds that conflict manifests itself in a number of ways. Alarmingly, one in every 25 respondents said they’d experienced the threat of, or actual, physical assault at work. Managers have a key role to play in diffusing tensions early on as workplace conflict can have a major impact on employee well-being and business outcomes, with as many as one-in-ten employees leaving their organisation as a result. Get the report.(Ctrl click to download)

Some key findings for us as Bullying, Harassment and Equality Specialists show:

‘The most common negative behaviour reported in conflict is lack of respect’

‘Wide spread of reported behaviours, including bullying and harassment and refusal to co-operate, shouting and verbal abuse.’

39% of the sample (2195 respondents selected from a YOUGOV PLC GB panel of more than 350,000 individuals) reported bullying, harassment or intimidation from a boss or superior, 24% from a colleague and 13% from someone who reports to me’

Public sector employees may well identify with the phrase ‘bullying and harassment’ more readily than the private or third sectors would do’

‘A quarter of employees make no active response to conflict in relationships’

‘Women are more likely to report bullying and harassment’

‘ We need robust cultures in which it is possible to challenge and hold reach other to account and do so without risk of creating damanging relationship conflict’

Source: Getting under the skin of workplace conflict Survey report April 2015.