About Us

Our history

Andrea Adams, broadcaster and journalist, was the first person to recognise the significance of Workplace Bullying, and her book entitled ‘Bullying at Work’ published by Virago in 1992, remains a landmark in this field.

Andrea Adams helped many people address the issues of Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace and following her death in 1995 a charitable Trust was founded in her name to continue to build on the work she had started. The Andrea Adams Trust worked for fourteen years to raise awareness of Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination though training, consultancy and by directly supporting targets through their national helpline.  The Trust also founded the awareness campaign entitled ‘National Ban Bullying at Work Day’, held annually on the 7th November. The Trust closed in June 2009, but our work continued as The Andrea Adams Consultancy, offering all the same services as previously, apart from the national helpline, which could no longer be funded.

Our business

Our core business is to help organisations achieve Respect at Work. As specialists in Bullying, Harassment and Respect we help organisations achieve this through:

  • Awareness training for all levels within organisations of what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviour. Recognition is the first step to enabling employees to appropriately challenge behaviours.
  • Providing practical tools through our training interventions to challenge and manage workplace behaviour.
  • Provide advice and guidance on the systems and processes which need to be in place, to not only drive out inappropriate behaviours, but to secure positive engagement and behaviours.
  • Bespoke consultancy, diagnosing what is happening and recommending resolutions.
Alison Twist, Director

Alison Twist, Director

Alison Twist is the Director of The Andrea Adams Consultancy (AAC). Alison is regarded as an expert in the field of Bullying, Harassment and Equality issues having worked over the last 25 years dealing with a range of complex issues affecting individuals and organisations. Alison is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and holds an MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management. Alison is still very much ‘hands on’ in the business, leading on bespoke consultancy and design and delivery of training packages. Alison is also the first point of contact for all new enquiries and oversees project delivery and quality across the business.

Trish MacFarlane, Senior Consultant

Trish MacFarlane, Senior Consultant

Trish MacFarlane is a Senior Consultant for AAC. Trish has been working in this area for over 10 years and has been an integral part of the development of the consultancy and its training packages. Trish is a qualified counsellor and mediator and leads on the design and delivery of the consultancy’s Harassment Adviser course which has been significantly developed over recent years. Trish is also involved in delivery of other packages such as Employee Awareness and Management Training.
Tracey Smith, Project Co-ordinator

Tracey Smith, Project Co-ordinator

Tracey Smith is AAC’s Project Co-ordinator and provides a key link for clients once projects have entered delivery phase. Tracey is an experienced Project Co-ordinator and ensures that preparation for delivery and post-delivery actions are completed in a seamless way.
The core team are supported by a team of 20 hand-picked trainers who have been selected for their delivery style, knowledge and experience in the subject and commitment and passion for improving workplace behaviour.

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