Taking Control – Employees

Taking Control, Dealing with Bullying and Harassment in Practice


When individuals are at the receiving end, or witnessing, inappropriate behaviours in the workplace, they do not always feel empowered or courageous enough to take any action. Sometimes it is easier to do nothing. Whilst doing nothing is an option, and might be the right action to take for some, this only means the behaviour will continue and individuals will continue to suffer. This workshop assists individuals to take control of the situation. It enables them to firstly recognise the behaviours impacting on them and encourages them to consider their own physical and emotional wellbeing and capacity to tackle the situation. Having raised awareness, participants are encouraged to consider the options available to them and guided in the steps to take.

Objectives yellow

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Define appropriate and inappropriate behaviours in the workplace
  • Be aware of the distinction between bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Understand where they are in terms of emotional and physical wellbeing and their capacity and confidence to ‘handle’ the situation
  • Practice tips and techniques to increase their personal wellbeing and resilience when facing a difficult situation
  • Consider the options and routes open to them in taking action
  • Follow a suggested structure when having a difficult conversation
  • Deliver challenging messages with increased confidence

Learning methods and duration

This workshop is half a day in duration with a maximum of 25 participants.

Learning methods include facilitated discussion, case studies and completion of a short reflective questionnaire. Awareness will be raised by topics being explored individually, in pairs or small groups. This workshop complements our half day Employee Awareness session and we would recommend doing the Employee Awareness session first. However, it can be run as a standalone workshop.

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