Managers Awareness Training

greenLine Managers have a pivotal role to play in shaping cultures in their areas and a responsibility to act swiftly and appropriately where issues arise. The same is true of leaders in organisations who may not be directly involved in people management. All managers need a clear understanding of the subject of Workplace Bullying and Harassment and Dignity at Work and the knowledge and skills to deal with situations as they arise. A key message of our training is around early intervention. Our goal is to get your managers leaving the session feeling enabled, confident and supported. Managers need to deal with negative behaviours quickly, in the moment, so the behaviour stops. This one day course will give managers an in depth knowledge of Bullying and Harassment, know how to recognise it and how to deal with it appropriately.

yellowKey topics covered include:

  • What is Workplace Bullying and Harassment – what it is and what it is not.
  • The organisations policy and managerial responsibilities under the policy and UK law.
  • The role of the manager in dealing with Dignity at Work – early intervention strategies, proactive management  and the importance of ‘nipping things in the bud’.
  • purpleHow to deal with complaints of Bullying and Harassment and other Dignity at Work breaches.
  • Understanding the difference between strong management and bullying behaviour.
  • Manager’s role in influencing cultures within their areas.
  • How managers can protect themselves from spurious or vexatious complaints.

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