Specialist Investigator Course Info

Course Outline:
Purpose of the course

  • To develop skills of ‘in house’ investigators giving them the confidence and ‘toolkit’ to conduct effective and robust investigations into bullying and harassment. 
Learning Methods and duration
2 days + one follow up dayMax 12 delegates Tutor led elements, with facilitated discussion, case studies, exercises to test understanding, role play, accelerated learning techniques to inject fun and increase speed of learning.
By the end of this course participants will be able to :

  • Identify the current UK legislation which provides context for investigations.
  • Be familiar with the requirements within the organisations own complaint(s) policies.
  • Understand how findings should be drawn.
  • Understand and follow an investigation process from start to finish.
  • Plan for, conduct and follow up structured investigation interviews.   
  • Understand and demonstrate the various techniques which can be used in effective investigation interviewing.
  • Discharge duty of care to all involved in the investigation process.
  • Maintain and protect investigation records.
  • Analyse information and draw appropriate conclusions.
  • Write a robust investigation report.
Key Topics

  • The legal position.
  • The organisations policy on complaints.
  • Reaching conclusions.
  • Receiving an allegation.
  • Allocating roles and identifying document sources.
  • Complainant interview – defining allegations.
  • Structure of interviews and techniques.
  • Responding to emotion.
  • Witness and respondent interviews and contact.
  • Keeping records.
  • Analysing information and drawing conclusions.
  • purpleWriting an investigation report and presenting evidence.