Harassment Adviser Course Info

Course Outline:
Purpose of the course

  • To support the development of an effective volunteer (i.e. not professionally qualified) advisory service, to help ensure employees are treated fairly at work for ethical, business and legal reasons.
  • The follow up day is designed as a skill-building exercise for Harassment Advisers, which will reinforce the theory and practical sessions experienced on the three-day programme and provide accreditation
Learning Methods and duration

2 days + an optional follow up day – Max 12 delegates



  • To develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of equal opportunities and discrimination, with specific reference to the nature of harassment/victimisation/bullying and how they work.
  • To develop the essential listening and supportive skills required of the first contact adviser and an understanding and acceptance of adviser codes of conduct.
  • To begin to develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of particular areas of discrimination, their nature and how to begin identifying when they are operating, with specific reference to bullying.
  • At the end of the follow up day participants will have consolidated their knowledge of bullying and harassment as a topic and will have gained practical experience of how to support a target/ perpetrator effectively.
magentaKey Topics

Exploration of the subject matter of bullying and harassment. What is bullying, how does it affect the individual/organisation, consequences The role of the Harassment Adviser? Skills and attributes of the Harassment Adviser. Exploring confidentiality issues. Skills practice. The practicalities of working as an adviser in the work environment e.g. where to keep notes, how you arrange meetings etc.