Harassment Advisers Training

We offer a Harassment Adviser Recruitment Pack for those who are embarking on creating or augmenting their advisory service. This pack is free of charge when our Harassment Adviser Training is booked.

Harassment Adviser Training

We offer a comprehensive 2 day training programme for Harassment Advisers / Contact Officers which will equip them with all the skills they need to perform their role effectively. Participants are introduced to the AAC 7 step process which will help them structure an effective advice session.

This two day course is divided into two modules ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Skills’, each element taking one day.

yellowDay 1 – ‘Knowledge’

  • Understanding Workplace Bullying and Harassment and Dignity at Work in detail and recognising what it is and is not.
  • Understanding the role of the adviser – what it is and is not.
  • How to structure advisory sessions – with practical guidance and checklists to take away.
  • The organisations policy and procedure – to ensure that delegates know the relevant policies policy through applying their knowledge in a practical way rather than simply talking about the policy.
  • The legal landscape – using interesting stories and anecdotes to assist in heightening understanding and awareness of the legal aspects of Harassment and Bullying and Dignity at Work and other relevant legislation.

This day is in effect providing the foundations for Day 2 skills practice and ensures that the Advisers have full clarity in terms of the nuances of their role and the subject area as a whole.

greenDay 2 – ‘Skills’

  • Identification of the skills required of an Adviser.
  • To give delegates further definition of what a best practice advice session looks like and to demonstrate and allow practice of such a session through use of scenarios and role play.
  • To discuss and provide tools to assist the Advisers in preparing for and conducting best practice advice sessions from a logistical perspective.
  • To develop confidence and provide advice to delegates around managing behaviours and emotion during an advice session again using case studies and opportunities to practice those skills.

To undertake a ‘surgery’ session where delegates can raise their concerns and seek advice from experienced Advisers.

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