Employee Awareness Training

blueWhy run employee awareness training?

Andrea Adams Consultancy has developed a two and a half hour seminar designed to unravel some concepts and attitudes towards Bullying and Harassment and to discover some broader definitions. To provide an introduction into what Workplace Bullying is, how it is manifested in the workplace, its impact on the individual and organisation and how to be able to understand the impact of their own behaviour on others as well as learning how to challenge unacceptable behaviours effectively. It is all very well having an Equalities Policy but that policy has to be enacted and be ‘brought to life’ through the actions of everyone in your organisation. How many of those working in your organisation really understand what it is to value Diversity and do they understand how their actions may be interpreted by others? Do they understand what the organisation expects and needs in terms of their behaviour?

greenpinkRaising awareness is the first step to eradicating Bullying and Harassing behaviour and ensures all those within the organisation understand what is appropriate and unacceptable behaviour within you workplace.



Delegate Numbers

Conscious of the constraints on organisations in terms of taking large numbers of staff away from the business for training, we have devised a ‘bite size’ event aimed at educating and raising awareness of what it means to have ‘Dignity at Work’ and cultures in which Bullying and Harassment will not be tolerated.  This event can be run in 2.5 hours for up to 25 delegates. We can run 2 events in one day per trainer thus maximising the penetration of the messages across the business.  The course can be used for a cross section of delegates or can be tweaked if organisations wish to run separate events for managers and staff.

Employee Awareness Training Course Info

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