The Andrea Adams Consultancy, specialists in workplace bullying and harassment, and original founders of ‘ban bullying at work’ day, are conducting a national survey to gather information about the prevalence of bullying in UK workplaces today. We invite your organisation to take part in this survey and in return you will receive, free of charge, a report on your employees’ perception of workplace bullying.

The process is simple.  Once you agree to take part, we send you a link to our online survey. Once your employees have completed the survey, which takes around 5 minutes, we will collate the results and present them in a report for you. Gaining awareness of what your employees think about their working environment, and prevalent workplace behaviours, can provide you with a platform for future action.

There will be no financial cost. All we ask is that you agree to share your data with us so we can build a national picture. Neither your organisation nor individuals will be named, as all data is strictly anonymous.

To sign up to our survey or for more information on how we can help your organisation please contact us at or call 0845 124 9644 quoting ‘Survey’.